Use Code STAYHOME to Receive 20% Off for Any Order
Use Code STAYHOME to Receive 20% Off for Any Order
We Extract the Potential of Nature
Natural ingredients are yesterday’s story. We go deeper to understand the science behind the healing properties of botanicals and extract the essential elements to develop next-generation, patented skin care technologies.
  • Rigorous

    Scientifically validated at clinical and molecular level.

  • Novel

    Exclusive patented ingredients and skincare technologies.

  • Sustainable

    Natural active ingredients developed in a sustainable way.

  • Clean

    Parabens, fragrances, dyes, toxic chemicals free; Cruelty-free.

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We Search the World
We travel all corners of the globe in our methodic search of unharnessed botanicals.
All We Do is Based on Unbiased Academic Research
Our roots are in academia. We have a global team of research scientists, natural ingredient specialists, and dermatologists led by distinguished professor Dr. James Simon and IFSCC award-winning young scientist, Dr. Shuting Hu.
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Patented Ingredients
Advanced Clinical Formulation
Paraben, Dye & Fragrance Free
Innovative Natural Extracts
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“They have five exclusive active ingredients (patent pending) that they have proved out with double-blind clinical trials. They have extracted those five exclusive ingredients using proprietary techniques, and identified the mechanisms that make them work to improve skin. ”
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