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Kinkeliba: for the very first time in skincare1

Acaderma Field Study VOL.1

Location: Senegal, West Africa


Kinkeliba: the plant to extract active ingredient Seh-Haw EX in The Oasis Barrier Booster.


In Senegal, Kinkeliba (Combretum micranthum, Seh-Haw in Wolof) is the most popular of the bush teas. It’s one powerful Sahara xerophyte that able to withstand and survive Africa’s harsh arid climate. Kinkeliba is known by the French as “la tisane de longue vie” or quite literally, the “infusion of long life.” But despite amazing healing properties and higher antioxidant levels than Green tea, it’s not widely known outside West Africa. When dried and boiled, the leaves of this shrub produce an earthy-tasting tea which is mineral-rich and caffeine-free.


Although the kinkeliba plant’s leaves are commonly used to brew medicinal tea, its skincare potential has been practically untouched upon by the scientific and dermatological fields. By developing the skincare potential of Kinkeliba, Acaderma’s research team hopes to explore more economy add-value of this indigenous plant in sustainable way to support local community. We will share more stories of kinkeliba in our upcoming blogs. 


You can find Kinkeliba leaves in most markets and supermarkets.

The rainy season has arrived, but Sahara region remains arid. Most of bushes and grasses are dying; only Kinkeliba is still growing vibrantly.

The documentary of Kinkeliba will come soon.



Prof. James E. Simon, Distinguished Professor, Department of Plant Biology; Director, New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products Program, Rutgers University

Dr. Qingli Wu, Associate Director, New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products Program, Rutgers University

Dr. Babou Diouf, Dr. Malainy Diatta, and all members in ASNAPP (Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products)-Senegal